Lectures on Physics has been derived from Benjamin Crowell's Light and Matter series of free introductory textbooks on physics. See the editorial for more information....

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waterWater in a U-tube
wavePeriod and Frequency
 Graphs of Waves
wave motionSummary - Wave Motion
wave velocityWave Velocity
wave-particle dualitySummary - Light as Particle
wavefunctionSummary - Matter as a Wave
 The Atom
 The Hydrogen Atom
wavelengthGraphs of Waves
 Wave Velocity
weak nuclear forceThe Weak Nuclear Force; Beta Decay
 Newton’s Second Law
 Weight and mass
weightlessnessBiological Effects of Weightlessness
 Summary - Keppler's Laws
workThe concept of work
 Calculating Work
 Work in Three Dimensions
 Varying Force
 Work and Potential Energy
 Summary - Work
 Mechanical work done in an earthquake
 Pushing a broom
 Applications of Calculus
work-kinetic-energy theoremWhen Does Work Equal Force Times Distance?

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