Lectures on Physics has been derived from Benjamin Crowell's Light and Matter series of free introductory textbooks on physics. See the editorial for more information....

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parallel resistorsTwo lamps on the same household circuit
 Three resistors in parallel
 An arbitrary number of identical resistors in parallel
particle zooSimplifying the Energy Zoo
particle-wave dualityElectrons as Waves
Pauli exclusion principleAtoms With More Than One Electron
peak-to-peak amplitudePeriod, Frequency, and Amplitude
pendulumSimple Harmonic Motion
 The pendulum
periodPeriod and Frequency
periodic motionPeriod, Frequency, and Amplitude
 Summary - Vibrations
periodic tableThe Chemical Elements
periodic waveSummary - Wave Motion
perpendicular forceWork in Three Dimensions
 Summary - Perpendicular Forces
perpetual motion machineThe Search for a Perpetual Motion Machine
photo creditsPhoto Credits
photoelectric effectThe photoelectric effect
physicsWhy a New Physics Textbook?
 Learning to Hate Physics?
 Introduction and Review
 What Is Physics?
 Summary - Introduction to Physics
Pierre CurieRadioactivity
Planck’s constantThe photoelectric effect
planetary atom modelThe Planetary Model of the Atom
planetary motionAngular Momentum in Planetary Motion
PlutoPluto and Charon
polygraphApplications of Resistors
pool ballsPool balls colliding head-on
pool pumpGetting killed by a pool pump
potential energyPotential Energy
 All Energy is Potential or Kinetic
 Homework Problems
 Dropping a rock
 Work and Potential Energy
 Summary - Work
 Gravitational potential energy
 Self-Check Potential Energy
 Gravitational Potential Energy
pounds per square inchPressure in U.S. units
 Force, Energy, and Power
 Power dissipated by a battery and bulb
prefixLess Common Metric Prefixes
pressurePressure and Temperature
 Pressure, volume, and temperature
 Pressure in U.S. units
 Pressure of lava underneath a volcano
pressure gaugePressure
principle of inductionSummary - Magnetism
principle of inertiaNewton’s First Law
 Summary - Motion
principle of relativityThe Principle of Relativity
 Summary - Relativity
probabilityApplications of Calculus
 Summary - Randomness
problemsHomework Problems - Conservation of Energy
 Homework Problems
 Homework Problems
 Homework Problems
 Homework Problems
 Homework Problems
 Homework problems
 Homework problems
 Homework problems
 Homework problems
 Homework problems
 Homework problems
 Homework Problems 2
 Homework Problems 1
 Homework problems
 Homework problems
 Homework Problems
protonThe Proton
 Summary - Atom
psiPressure in U.S. units
pulleySimple Machines: The Pulley
pumpGetting killed by a pool pump

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