Lectures on Physics has been derived from Benjamin Crowell's Light and Matter series of free introductory textbooks on physics. See the editorial for more information....

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radiation exposureBiological Effects of Ionizing Radiation
radio antennaWavelength of radio waves
radio receiverQ of a radio receiver
radioactive contaminationRadioactive contamination at Chernobyl
radioactive decayThe hot potato
 Probability distribution for radioactive decay
 Summary - Radioactivity
rainRain falling into a moving cart
rainbowColor and refraction
randomnessSummary - Randomness
ray modelSummary - Ray Model of Light
recoilA Cannon
recoilingAbsorbing an impact without recoiling?
reductionismThe Atom
reflectionReflection and Transmission
 Quantitative Treatment of Reflection
 Summary - Bounded Waves
 Interaction of Light with Matter
 The Principle of Least Time for Reflection
 Summary - Ray Model of Light
 Summary - Refraction
 Reflection and Transmission
refractionRefraction and the Principle of Least Time
 Summary - Refraction
 Refraction and the Eye
 Refractive properties of media
 Snell's law
 Index of Refraction
 Color and refraction
 Discussion - Refraction and Images
refrigeratorUsing a refrigerator to decrease entropy?
relative motionEnergy and Relative Motion
 The Principle of Relativity
 Summary - Relativity
release historyDownload and Release History
repeating phenomenaVibrations
repulsive gravityEvidence for Repulsive Gravity
resistorApplications of Resistors
resitanceResistance of a lightbulb
resonanceQ of a stereo speaker
 The Collapse of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge
 Putting Energy Into Vibrations
 Water in a U-tube
 Exercise: Worksheet on Resonance
rifleMomentum and kinetic energy in firing a rifle
RoemerThe Nature of Light
rotationIntroduction to Angular Momentum
 Types of Motion
roundingSignificant Figures
RutherfordThe Planetary Model of the Atom

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