Lectures on Physics has been derived from Benjamin Crowell's Light and Matter series of free introductory textbooks on physics. See the editorial for more information....

Index M...

magnetic compassA magnetic compass
magnetic energyPotential Energy
magnetic fieldThe Magnetic Field
 Field Vectors
magnetic monopoleMagnetic Monopoles
magnetismSummary - Magnetism
magnificationSummary - Mirrors
 Object and Image Distances
Marie CurieRadioactivity
MarsdenThe Planetary Model of the Atom
massNewton’s Second Law
 Weight and mass
 Summary - Introduction to Physics
mass and energyA Numerical Scale of Energy
 Mass Into Energy
mass and weightNewton’s Second Law
mass equivalentA rusting nail
 KE compared to mass equivalent at low speeds
mass of the neutrinoThe Mass of the Neutrino
MaxwellMaxwell’s daemon
Maxwell’s daemonMaxwell’s daemon
megaLess Common Metric Prefixes
metric prefixesLess Common Metric Prefixes
metric systemSummary - Introduction to Physics
MichelsonThe Principle of Relativity
microLess Common Metric Prefixes
microwave ovenA microwave oven
MillikanQuantization of Charge
 Millikan’s Fraud
milliremSummary - Radioactivity
mirrorInteraction of Light with Matter
 A Virtual Image
 Summary - Mirrors
 Object and Image Distances
momentumConservation of Momentum
 A conserved quantity of motion
 Summary - Momentum
 Summary - Angular Momentum
momentum transferThe rate of change of momentum
momentum vectorCalculations with the momentum vector
moonThe earth and moon get a divorce
MorleyThe Principle of Relativity
motionForces at other angles
 Newton’s First Law
 What Force Is Not
 Summary - Newton's Laws of Motion
 Summary - Circular Motion
 Types of Motion
 Summary - Motion
motion of atomsHeat is Kinetic Energy
MRINuclear magnetic resonance
multiplication of two vectorsThe Dot Product

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