Lectures on Physics has been derived from Benjamin Crowell's Light and Matter series of free introductory textbooks on physics. See the editorial for more information....

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SagredoScaling of Area and Volume
sailboatForces on a sailboat
SalviatiScaling of Area and Volume
scalarThe Dot Product
scalesSummary - Scaling
scalingScaling of Area and Volume
 Scaling Applied to Biology
 Scaling of Irregular Objects
Schrödinger's catThe Uncertainty Principle
scienceHow to Learn Physics
scientific methodThe Scientific Method
scientific notationScientific Notation
searchlightA Searchlight
second law of NewtonNewton’s Second Law
self-checkSelf-Check Potential Energy
shapes of nucleiSizes and shapes of nuclei
shell theoremVector Addition of Gravitational Forces
Shoemaker-LevyHigh Energy Impact
 Energy released by a comet impact
sightEyes and Sight
significant figureSignificant Figures
simple harmonic motionSimple Harmonic Motion
simple machinesSimple Machines: The Pulley
SimplicioScaling of Area and Volume
simulationGravitational Potential Energy
 The Gravitational Field
 Energies of States in Hydrogen
sine-waveSimple Harmonic Motion
sinusoidal motionProof - Sinusoidal Motion
sinusoidal wavesSinusoidal waves
size of atom nucleiSizes and shapes of nuclei
skaterAn ice skater pushing off from a wall
 A figure skater pulls her arms in
slingshot effectThe slingshot effect
sloppinessMillikan’s Fraud
Snell's lawSnell's Law
 Snell's law
 Derivation of Snell's law
soap bubbleInterference Effects
solenoidGetting killed by a solenoid
sound wavesThe range of energies of sound waves
spacecraftIon Drive for Propelling a Spacecraft
 The slingshot effect
speakerQ of a stereo speaker
spectroscopyEnergies of States in Hydrogen
specular reflectionInteraction of Light with Matter
 Summary - Ray Model of Light
speechBounded Waves
speed of lightThe Nature of Light
 The Principle of Relativity
spinTwo Theorems About Angular Momentum
 Electron Spin
spinning topA Spinning Top
 Angular Momentum in Three Dimensions
springVarying Force
 Summary - Work
 Period, Frequency, and Amplitude
 Simple Harmonic Motion
 Objects Under Strain
spring constantA toy gun
standing wavesStanding Waves
stereo speakerQ of a stereo speaker
 Q of a stereo speaker
strainSummary - Forces
strip chart recorderGraphs of Waves
strong nuclear forceThe Strong Nuclear Force, Alpha Decay and Fission
summarySummary - Energy
 Summary - Energy Concept
 Summary - Work
 Summary - Momentum
 Summary - Angular Momentum
 Summary - Energy in Vibrations
 Summary - Vibrations
 Summary - Wave Motion
 Summary - Bounded Waves
 Summary - Charges
 Summary - Radioactivity
 Summary - Electricity
 Summary - Fields
 Summary - Magnetism
 Summary - Ray Model of Light
 Summary - Mirrors
 Summary - Refraction
 Summary - Wave Optics
 Summary - Relativity
 Summary - Randomness
 Summary - Light as Particle
 Summary - Matter as a Wave
 Summary - Atom
 Summary - Forces
 Summary - Newton's Laws of Motion
 Summary - Acceleration
 Summary - Keppler's Laws
 Summary - Circular Motion
 Summary - Vectors and Motion
 Summary - Vectors
 Summary - Perpendicular Forces
 Summary - Motion
 Summary - Scaling
 Summary - Introduction to Physics
sunEnergy production in the sun
 A reaction occurring in the sun
superpositionSuperposition of electric fields
surface-volume ratioScaling Applied to Biology
swimming poolHeating a swimming pool
swingPutting Energy Into Vibrations

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