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  • Are you interested in publishing your book under some form of the Creative Commons License?
  • Did you write a (paper-based) book in the fields of science and technology and which is out of print now, but is still a valid textbook?
  • Are you hasitating to publish your knowledge as an eBook because of not knowing how to start?
  • Did you publish a book at your own as a PDF file and do you want to get more paying customers?
If the answer to any of these questions is "yes" you are probably right to read on...

What can we do for you?

Basically, we are interested in publishing as many eBooks as possible under the Creative Commons License - thus supporting and promoting the idea that knowledge and learning materials must be available to everbody at virtually no costs. However, our resources are restricted, so we have to make tough decisions on which projects to support actively by providing "helping hands" in the (technical) production of your eBook, and which projects to support passively by providing software to publish your book at your own. In any case, we are definitely interested to provide Web space to publish your book under the roof of VIAS.

So, if you are interested in publishing your book in a form similar to the books already available on the VIAS Web site, simply contact us. Further information on the publishing process can be found here.