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The Compendium Geometry is a collection of facts, equations and explanations on geometry. The material is still rudimentary but the project is promising. Currently available are the sections on coordinates, 2D geometry, and part of 3D geometry....

approx. 60 pages, 50 figures; copyright: Creative Commons License

The eBook Elementary Calculus by J. Keisler covers the entire calculus. It provides numerous oultined examples and hundreds of problems to work on. Part of the text has been enhanced by inserting links to interactive simulations in the Learning by Simulations section.

approx. 1100 pages, 250 figures; copyright: Creative Commons License

The eBook Fundamentals of Statistics covers the most important topics on statistics and data analysis as seen from a practitioner's view. Currently available are sections on univariate and multivariate statistics, on statistical tests, on qualitative and quantitative relationships (correlation, regression, modelling, clustering).

approx. 460 pages, 380 figures; copyright: Creative Commons License

The eBook Grundlagen der Statistik is the German edition of Fundamentals of Statistics (see above). Although the number of pages slightly differ from the English version, the topics covered are basically the same as in the English edition.

about 500 pages, 400 figures; copyright: Creative Commons License

Learning by Simulations has been developed to support both teachers and students in the process of knowledge transfer and knowledge acquisition. It currently contains about 35 simulations dealing with mathematical, phyiscal, chemical, or computer science problems. All the simulations are fully interactive, the user can experiment by changing parameters and watching the results.

Copyright: copyrighted by the author but free usage for non-commercial purposes